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About Trump

It’s a chilly Tuesday afternoon in Denver as I pen this essay to you. Rest assured that I have other, far more enjoyable items on today’s agenda other than writing About Trump, and yet, I’m once again compelled to do so.

The Diary of an Angry, White, Privileged Male

For years, I’ve heard rumblings of misogyny, sexual misconduct, and other troubling events in the Ruby community. Female friends have discussed their stories with me at length: some are concerned (but still participate), while others have left the community altogether.

Our Instagram Life

Tweet. Post. Comment. Like. This era has it’s own lingo; a jargon-addled psuedolanguage that sometimes barely resembles recognized speech or written words. Children, teenagers, and adults alike all speak it; as everyone desperately tries to capture fleeting memories with short blocks of text, a blurry photograph, or an unlistenable audio clip.