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Believing Is Free

When it comes to healthcare topics in the United States (and around the world), listening to disabled activists might have helped avoid the current human toll of COVID-19.

Turn the Page

I’ve often found that the words you write are less important than ones left behind. Yesterday evening, as the Republican-controlled Senate attempted to ram through a 400-page, vastly unbalanced tax reform bill, I furiously tapped out a Tweet that wouldn’t be sent.

True Colors

Writing in Tuesday’s edition of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Senator Lisa Murkowski, a crucial swing vote on both healthcare and tax reform, announced her support for the besieged GOP tax package.

About Trump

It’s a chilly Tuesday afternoon in Denver as I pen this essay to you. Rest assured that I have other, far more enjoyable items on today’s agenda other than writing About Trump, and yet, I’m once again compelled to do so.

History in the Making

Last evening, I assured my daughter she was witnessing history. Roughly twelve hours later, I’m technically correct but last night did not proceed as forecasted. Early on, I took comfort that FiveThirtyEight predicted a Clinton win — the odds being north of 70% — settling into bed when the former Secretary of State was leading in electoral votes.