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Professional Jeopardy

Pain is a companion. It accompanies me when I rise, only allows brief privacy to shower, and returns with every step, turn, and bend. I tell myself this journey is temporary; not because there is a magical future when I’ll rid myself of the second shadow, but that I now have tools and medication to dim its presence. I can cope with discomfort, lost sleep, and isolation well enough; but chronic illness’ true crime is stealing life from beneath my feet....

Painless Keyboarding

What is your first thoughts in reaction to the term “mechanical keyboard”? Nostalgia? The obnoxious “clicky” sound you hoped to leave behind? If you’re relatively young, you may have no recollection of this product at all. If you’re a programmer, whose hands are on a keyboard for hours each day, then maybe, you’ve grown quite fond of these devices. A few weeks ago, I was happily pounding away on my Apple keyboard — but even after years of use, it never felt right....