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Dads Change Diapers, Too

The process of becoming a parent teaches lessons you never expected to learn. There are, of course, many small nuggets of wisdom that lodge in your brain; the prevailing signs of a wet diaper (thanks to modern technology, diaper wetness can be scientifically verified), and your child’s entertainment preferences (or, how to overcome your fear of acting foolish in public).

Introducing Sloan Alexis Young

If you read my earlier piece on the emotions associated with becoming a Dad, then you’ll also understand why I’m proud to say this. While the context will help, as it always does, this announcement is still very exciting.

Dad Jokes

5:05 A.M. I wake up, groggy and sore, on something the hospital staff described as a bed. Honestly, I don’t know what it is… a board? Concrete, cleverly disguised as a wanna-be couch?