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Art is Greyscale

Doubt. It’s something we all face, but rarely discuss. Artists stare it down daily, in a power struggle between beauty and the absence of it. Between light, and the dark, soundless, matterless void.

New Years Dissolution

It’s January 2, 2013, and dreams abound. The year is young, with 363 days ahead of us - each one full of promise and countless opportunities to transform your dreams into reality - but will you?

Creative Guard Rails

Like most artists, I’m often inspired by those around me. A friendly smile, stimulating conversation, and gentle encouragement are often what push me beyond my self-imposed creative boundaries. As creators, we should never forget the value of like-minded (or not-so-like-minded) friends.

Speculative Work is Bad (For Everyone)

I thought this debate was dead. Over. Fini. But recently, a rather heated thread on Twitter illustrated how wrong I was. For those not in-the-know, speculative work (also spec work, or sometimes simply ‘spec’), is a growing cancer in the world of well-meaning, hard-working designers.