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Ignorant Advice

In four months time, I’ve realized that building a business and raising a child are incredibly similar. Speaking from experience, with a child, it’s nearly impossible for parents to share candid photos of their children and daily activities without being chided for choosing an unsafe carseat, or being schooled on dangers of certain “unnecessary” vaccines.

No, You Cannot Pick My Brain

I’m an educator: I advise clients around the globe, speak to almost any audience that will have me, write on a myriad of important topics, and contribute to open source.

Don't Solve Everything Today

This one is for the doers: those who have stepped out of the dark, set aim for the heavens, and vowed to realize their dreams — costs be damned.

Build For Yourself

Whether you’re a developer, musician, producer, photographer, or a creative of any other profession — you rely heavily on the work of others. It may be uncomfortable to admit, but rarely is an idea truly novel.