If you read my earlier piece on the emotions associated with becoming a Dad, then you’ll also understand why I’m proud to say this. While the context will help, as it always does, this announcement is still very exciting.

Friends, family, and colleagues. Susan and myself would like for you to meet Sloan Alexis, the newest member of the Young Family. She was born today, January 28, 2016 at 11:23PM.

Sloan and Dad

Like any new parent, I am verklempt in the truest sense. Sloan is a true gift to our family, and I know she will also be a joy to every person she encounters.

Her first name, “Sloan”, is Gaelic in origin and is traditionally given to a warrior. But a leaderless warrior can be a threat, not an aid. “Alexis,” her middle name, is the mark of a courageous defender of all humankind. May She always battle for the right purpose, for the equality of all, even if they aren’t causes I personally value.

The most honorable fights are those which elevate and free the oppressed among us.

As any new parent should, I’ll be taking an extended leave of absence, not just from client work and my consultancy, but also from writing. I’ll try to chronicle her early life in written form as I can, but I expect those dispatches to be few and happen infrequently.

In my absence, be excellent to each other.