I began publishing content online in 1999, shortly after my home in rural Alabama was connected to the internet. At the time, nobody was thinking about their personal brand, and how it might affect future ventures - except me. I have to confess, it wasn’t a conscious thought - but I knew everyone would have an online home sooner or later, and I wanted to stake my claim.

Throughout the early two-thousands, I kept a decently regular blog (although I’m ashamed to show it to anyone, even family. As an author, my topics weren’t carefully chosen, and my vocabulary was quite limited). In 2007, I relaunched the site as a professional presence and wrote frequently on personal branding, small business marketing, and real world search engine optimization techniques. From my metrics, those were the golden years - with this humble domain ranking among some of the top business insight authors across the American southeast. That period, as I’m sure you guessed, has since ended.

It’s time for something new. Something I’ve never discussed before. I never spoke much about my work in the music and media industries. Over the last decade, I’ve worn hats fashioned for a number of different roles: artist management, mastering engineer, producer, photographer - and yet, remained strangely quiet here, allowing my business strategy and software development work to take precedence.

After years of fighting burnout, I’ve decided to do what I love most, and turn my attention to the other areas of my career. The silence stops now. I’m publicly rebranding myself as the creative rebel I’ve always been, instead of hiding behind understood titles. For years, I’ve pigeonholed myself as a software developer with a unique bent for media-driven systems - and that’s true, but only in part. Few people understand what my truest passions are, and the fault for that is clearly my own. Please, join me as I write about this process.